V-spa offers a wide selection of massages that restore the natural balance of the recipient. Each "treatment" is studied and personalized according to the needs and the psychophysical conditions of the person. The ancient traditional techniques have been merged with the innovative research of massotherapy in order to obtain excellent results adaptable to the many characteristics that distinguish the uniqueness of each individual. Therefore the massage becomes a tailor-made suit for you. Below we propose some guidelines on which to build your treatment:
  • FAST MASSAGE 25 min € 38.00 - To regain wellbeing by focusing on a targeted section of the body (feet, legs, back)
  • BACK & NECK 30 min. € 40.00 - Shoulder decontracting, back neck.
  • RELAX 50 min € 79.00 - Harmony and fluidity to eliminate stress and give a state of deep relaxation. Usually this type of massage is carried out on a heated and chromotherapy bed.
  • THAILAND TRADITIONAL 60 min + private HYDROMASSAGE after massage € 85.00 - energizing, vigorous decontracting
  • THAI OIL 60 min + private HYDROMASSAGE after massage € 85.00 - Thai root massage relaxing, toning, reduce stress
  • HOTE STONE 50 min € 79.00 - The power and benefits of hot lava stones on your body.
  • SPORTS 50 min € 79.00 - Physical pre-exercise energizer, Physical post-exercise rehabilitation
  • DECONTRACTING 50 min - For relaxation and reduction of muscle contractures
  • AESTHETIC Anticellulite, Lymphatic drainage, Modeling   50 MIN € 79.00 - Personalized massage against imperfections